Category: Visuals


Oakland Heat Vulnerability

This map was created for a story published by Oakland North


Oakland School Suspensions

This map shows every school in Oakland Unified as a dot. The dots are color-coded by suspension rate, with filters by year and and by race. The data was acquired by scraping the California Department of Education website. To see how I acquired the data, you can look at the code on my Github page here.


Wake County Food Establishments

This map shows every restaurant in Wake County North Carolina and it’s health inspection score grouped into census tracts which are color-coded by average income.


Orange County Developments

This map shows every residential development proposed in Orange County stretching back to 2009, grouped into school district and town boundaries. Upon hover, you can see the name of the development, the address, the number of units and a rough estimation of the impact fee paid. I made this map for a story on impact fees, which was published in Our Chatham.


N.C. Per Pupil Spending Schools Performance

This map shows the local, state, federal and total per-pupil spending for every school district in North Carolina and the percentage of low-performing schools in that district. I made it to accompany an investigation I did for Our Chatham about impact fees.

The map operates on a scale from red to blue, with the red districts having the highest percentage of low performing schools and the blue districts having the lowest.

In the bottom left corner there is a magnifying glass to put in your address, so you can see how much your school district spends per pupil, where the money is coming from and the percentage of low performing schools in your district. 

Component data provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the Census Bureau. 

For how I did the analysis head over to my page here.


Chatham County Rural Broadband

This map shows the internet service provider for every Census Block in Chatham County and the download and upload speeds they offer. In the bottom left corner there is an option to put in your address to search for the provider that covers your area. 

I made this map for a story on internet speeds, which was published in Our Chatham. Component data comes from the Chatham County GIS Department, the FCC and the Census Bureau.